Unlocking the Power of Microsoft Edge for Business: A Comprehensive Guide (2023)

In the ever-evolving landscape of digital security and productivity, organizations need a robust solution that seamlessly integrates with their workflow. Enter Microsoft Edge for Business – a secure enterprise browser designed to not only safeguard your business data but also elevate user productivity through cutting-edge AI integration. As of December 1, the highly anticipated Microsoft Copilot is set to exit preview, marking a significant milestone in the realm of AI-powered chat within the Edge browser.

Microsoft Copilot: Transforming Browser Management

Copilot in Microsoft 365 Admin Center

Streamlining browser management is now a reality with Copilot integrated into the Microsoft 365 admin center. This intelligent management experience provides guidance on suggested policies and extensions, creating a cohesive admin Copilot experience across various Microsoft services, including SharePoint and Teams.

Configuring Copilot with Ease

Safely configuring Copilot for your organization is simplified through the Edge management service in the Microsoft 365 admin center. Manage and configure Copilot settings effortlessly, granting or preventing access to sensitive data and unlocking additional AI features, such as text prediction.

Extension Management Made Simple

Empower your users while maintaining organizational security with the new extension management feature in the Edge management service. Users can request access to extensions, providing a business justification, and administrators can customize notification preferences, ensuring a balance between productivity and security.

A Unified Intune Experience

Integration meets simplicity as the Edge management service combines forces with Intune. Experience a streamlined deployment process for Edge for Business, incorporating dynamic JSON support for complex policies and policy-merging improvements.

Data Security and Loss Prevention

Microsoft Purview Data Loss Prevention

Protecting sensitive data is paramount, and Edge for Business, in collaboration with Microsoft Purview data loss prevention, enforces IT-admin-classified sensitivity labels for websites and documents. Copilot can only access corporate data based on permissions, ensuring data security in the age of AI.

Secure Access Anytime, Anywhere

In our hybrid work environment, Edge for Business ensures secure browsing across various devices and locations. With Intune Mobile Application Management (MAM), users can securely access corporate resources from unmanaged devices, mitigating data leakage risks through policy-based controls.

Streamlining Information Retrieval

Shared Links Feature

Navigating through a plethora of emails and chats for relevant links is a thing of the past. The Shared Links feature in Edge for Business consolidates and organizes links shared through Outlook and Teams, providing a centralized hub for quick and efficient access.

Embracing AI for Enhanced Productivity

Copilot-Powered Compose

Say goodbye to the challenges of writing with the AI-powered Compose feature in the Edge for Business sidebar. This tool generates drafts based on short descriptions, offering customization options for tone, length, and format – a game-changer for email, reports, and presentations.

Tab Auto-Grouping for Organization

End the tab chaos with Edge for Business's tab auto-grouping feature. Using AI to group similar tabs, this feature helps maintain a more organized browsing experience, with options to pin groups and customize names and colors.

Workspaces: Collaboration Evolved

Lock Tab Functionality

Responding to user feedback, Workspaces now introduces the "lock tab" functionality. Users can lock essential tabs to prevent accidental deletion, ensuring important information remains accessible and organized.

Optional Company Branding

Customize the look of Edge for Business with optional company branding. Add organizational names, logos, and brand colors to enhance user experience and visually distinguish work-related browser windows.

Future Innovations: Magnify and Read Aloud

Embrace upcoming features like Magnify, allowing users to zoom in on images effortlessly, and Read Aloud, providing an accessible way to consume web and PDF content through voice narration.

In conclusion, Microsoft Edge for Business stands as a powerful, secure, and AI-optimized browser tailored to meet the dynamic needs of modern organizations. Stay ahead in the digital landscape by leveraging the latest innovations, enhancing security, and unlocking unprecedented productivity.

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